Indications to Look Out for to Know if You Need a Roof Replacement

There are many situations that call for a quick replacement, however if you think it through, you may have seen some signs and didn’t know that was it. 


  1. Roof age 

The roof has a lifespan that typically lasts in a range of 20 years to 25 years thus if your roof reaches its limit, you should invest in replacing your roof. You may think your roof still does its job at sheltering however once it reaches its limit, some problems might occur including ventilation. If you have ventilation problems or leaks then for sure you will have further problems like moisture that can be a cause of mold, more than that you may experience higher bills every month as well due to problems with energy consumption. 


  1. Shingles Check 

Check your roof’s slope. The slope in your roof is where the sun hits directly thus if you notice any granules from your roof’s shingles or you’ve seen any curling, this might be the time to invest into replacing them. You may also notice a shingle is missing thus leaks will definitely be a problem thus it tells you a sign to have your roof replaced. When it comes to the valley part of your roof, a missing shingle will not do any good because a damage in this area of your roofing will definitely be a source of a waterfall indoors.  


  1. A glimpse of daylight 

Have gone to your attic lately? If you did, have you had a glimpse of daylight as you were there? If that’s what you observed, then you should call for a professional’s help for your roof replacement. 


  1. Sagging Roof 

If you have observed that your roof is sagging then it is definitely a problem that needs to be attended to right away. When it comes to roof that are sagging, it may be a problem with the whole roofing structure and the structural supports for your roof is a vital part of your roofing system to ensure the weight of your roof is supported properly. This does not necessarily mean that your roofing will collapse however ensuring to attend to your roof even if only one side of it is sagging is a way to ensure you will not be handling bigger issues in the future.  


  1. Gutter Check 

Checking your gutters is as vital as checking your roof and it may even be an easier task than the former. If you have observed that the gutters in your home have an odd accumulation of granules then maybe it came from your old roof shingles. The granules only indicate that your roof is wearing out.  


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