About Us  

Trees are functional but also attractive plants. But like other plants, they grow and take form. This can cause some troubles in the near future. Flagstaff tree service offers tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding among other services. Other people don’t believe in pruning because it can hurt the plant or the tree. But trimming the branches of trees is important to keep them healthy. Pruning is also needed if the branches are beginning to intervene with your gutters or electric lines. A tree has to be removed if it endangers people and properties.  A tree also needs to be removed if it is dying or already dead. A stump that’s been left behind in the lawn should be removed effectively by grinding. This will make your landscape an eye candy and will allow you to mow your lawn easily. If a tree stump is not removed, insects will love living in it and will soon invade your whole yard and destroy other plants. 


We at Hardwick Farmer’s Market have the experience, qualifications, workforce, and equipment to efficiently address any tree concerns. We have a long experience in effectively removing or trimming trees. Our professional team is skilled and trained to take on different services. Plus, our equipment is not obsolete. We inspect the trees and plan accordingly with clients. Safety is important and we will make sure that the time we spend will be more than productive. 


But as much as we are highly trained in tree removal and trimming, so are we in tree planting. Trees are essential in the environment and in landscaping. We are dedicated to conserving the environment the best way, and your landscape looking more attractive than ever. Whether you need a tree removed, pruned, or planted, we will always be around for any and all of your concerns.